Welcome to Allan’s Website

Welcome to my website.

My name is Allan Wohrnitz. I am 53 years old and I live in Durban, South Africa.

I schooled in Mauritius, then came to Durban in December 1982 to study Mechanical Engineering. I graduated and received my BSc in 1986.

The reason for this website is to promote and disseminate useful and practical information of my research for the last 18 years, research in the areas of nutrition, healing with nutrition, drug education, drugging of children with hyperactivity (or the so called ADD/ADHD) and providing drug-free alternatives and solutions for those children and their parents.

I have helped thousands of people live a healthy lifestyle with nutrition knowledge, I successfully got children safely taken off addictive medication for hyperactivity and I have educated over 70,000 children learn the Truth About Drugs so they become and stay drug-free

Recently, I extended my research in finding out how to create and build wealth so I can generate the necessary wherewithal to fund the dissemination of my knowledge and share it.

All those I helped had a need to gain knowledge in the above topics to become competent in applying simple, practical and workable solutions to make vanish their frustrations of poor health, of teacher bullying parents to drug hyperactive children vanish and the frustration of drug dealers relentlessly selling drugs to innocent children!

So, in summary, I have the expertise to make your wishes become reality to build your health, wealth and prosperity.

What would happen if you had all the wealth and a lot of money, however could not enjoy your wealth because of a sickness or poor health that keeps you tired, exhausted, restless, stressed, constant pains that never go….

I can help you live a life free of medication as I have done with the thousands who know me by the knowledge I imparted to them. However, you will need to act on the knowledge gained and apply it to see lasting results.

How all this started was around 2000, my first born son was 3 years old and he suffered from asthma, tight chests and breathing difficulties. It pained me to have to administer drugs, antibiotics, cortisone nebulisers to such a small body, and there were no positive outcomes to his problem. With the frustration of seeing no positive results, I decided I had to do something. I know that any frustration comes about when one is lacking KNOWLEDGE in the area one has become frustrated in.

So I started to read books to address my child’s recurring infections, bronchitis, breathing difficuties. Then I discovered that his body was not producing cortisone, and I realised that doctors use cortisone to relieve breathing difficulties, infections, inflammations. As the Engineer always questions what is the source of the problem, having discovered that lack of cortisone, the question arised, where does the body produce cortisone? I found out it is the Adrenal Cortex glands. Next question, what are the ingredients the adrenal glands need to have to produce cortisone in sufficient quantities to relieve all infections, inflammations, asthma, phlegms etc. I discovered the ingredients, went to health shops and chemists to find them, mixed them and Voila!, it WORKED. Within 3 months his asthma was GONE.

I also suffered with asthma for 30 years, and this formula CURED my asthma for good. I know all about asthma, I know all the medications on the market, they only relieve the symptoms, “controls” the asthma, BUT NEVER gets rid of the asthma.

A few years later I gave the formula to a lab and asked them to produce them to sell on the market. The brand Maxup (www.maxup.co.za) was born in 2005 and has been going on since then.

I have successes after successes and the proof of the pudding is in its workability.

It is my passion to see people who are suffering from ill health become healthy through nutrition knowledge which gives them the opportunity to sleep less, have extra energy and extra time to be able to enjoy their lives.

I enjoy seeing a desperate parent who has given up on finding a workable drug-free solution for her hyperactive child, suddenly shine this ray of hope that her child can safely get off addictive medication and live a normal life

I have written over 200 health articles on all aspects of health, weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, asthma, cancer, ulcers, gout, bone health, brain food, food to feed the nerves, immunity,  …

This knowledge is regularly used by medical practitioners to help their patients become healthier. I often have doctors calling me for help on their patients, what diets to advise, what vitamins to take, etc.

I wrote a book on the dangers of medicating children with hyperactivity and provided drug-free solutions to help parents get their children off the medication

If you have read up to this point, then you must be serious in looking for a solution to a health problem you might be experiencing or wish to solve a loved one’s health problem.

I am sure I have answers for you that will solve the problem. Write to me and let me know what is it you wish to know and I will have the knowledge made available so you can start to get educated on health and become well.

To your better health, wellness, wealth and an abundance of prosperity